Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire Vb , BL692 (AH-M)




13:35 -15:00


Rodeo 101. This Squadron led by W/Cdr. Smith D.S.C., D.F.C. took off together with 331(N) Squadron on a diversion sweep. Rendezvous was made with Hornchurch Wing and Defiants from Northolt at 15000 feet over Felixstowe just after 1400 hours. A sweep was made towards Cassel and St. Omer. The enemy put up a considerable number of fighters - eight of which made a diving attack on our Squadrons from 0-O'clock som 15 miles South of Dunkirk. The engagement developed into some dog fights during which Sgt. Samuelsen E. (Yellow 4) damaged a F.W. 190 in a diving attack from 6-O'clock opening fire at 250 yards with cannon and m.g. and closing in to 150 yards. (See appendix 1). Lieut. Ullestad C. (Blue 3) received two cannon hits, one going through the port aileron without exploding and one exploding just in front of port cannon magazine. He landed his aircraft safely at North Weald. During the combat (Blue 3) saw Blue 2 (F/Sgt. Løfsgaard J., D.F.M.) being hit, Blue 2 joined up with the Squadron as it was reforming on the way out, but then called that he was hit. Yellow 2 (Sgt. Waerner T) saw a Spitfire breaking away from formation and the pilot baling out. Taking into consideration the wind and height when baling out, the pilot would probably land somewhere East of St. Omer. (See Appendix 2). The Squadron landed back at base by 1515 hours without any further engagements.


Air 27/1728


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