Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire Vb , EN901 (AH-Z)




14:15 -16:35


12 Spitfires VB of 332(N) Squadron took off with the North Weald Wing at 1415 hours. Squadron crossed the English channel at Pevensay Bay at zero feet, crossing channel at zero feet and gaining height approx. mid channel. The French coast was crossed somewhat S. of Berck-sur-Mer at about 1500 feet, 332 Squadron stepped up on top of the wing, with Lt. Hagen E, Lt. Hansen N, Sgt. Nygaard S and Sgt. Tandberg O. to starboard. The Wing made inland to the forest of Crecy-en-Ponthieu, there turned North and up over Pointe Haut Banc [Pointe du Haut-Banc] coming round in a wide orbit over the Caycaux Le Grotoy area. Our fighters were reported to be engaged by e/a, and the Wing was ordered down and from approx. this point dog fights developed. See appendices 2, 3 and 4. The squadron was split up during the combat, and all had finally landed by 1635 hours except for the four which are reported missing. White section were forced to return early owing to engine trouble. Claims:- Sgt. Liby S. 1 M.E. 109F destroyed. Sgt Werner T. 1 F.W. 190 destroyed, Major Mohr W. 1 F.W. 190 damaged. Our casualties were;) Lieut. Hagen S., Lieut. Hansen H. Sgt. Nygaard S. and Sgt. Tandberg O missing, and four Spitfire VB missing. Major Mohr W. was slightly injured by cannon shell splinters in the left leg and left cheek, but he managed to bring his aircraft back to base and make a belly landing owing to the flaps and under carriage failing to work.


Air 27/1728


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